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Time capsule from 1928

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Time capsule from 1928
During the conservation works at the Lidzbark castle after dismantling the tower's helmet, a copper sleeve with a document from the time of renovation of the castle from almost a hundred years ago was found in the spire. The tube was shot through in several places, probably in 1945. The contents of the capsule were removed in the paper conservation laboratory at the State Archives in Olsztyn.
Inside, wrapped in newspapers from 1928 (Ermlaendischer Zeitung of 15 August 1928, Koenigsberger Tagesblatt of 20 July 1928) and wrapping paper, there was a document written in ink on thick multi-layered paper. Its content concerns the renovation of the castle in the years 1927-1934.
"In the summer of 1928, in the second year of renovation works, the corner turrets and the castle tower received a new covering. In place of the former Covering of English slate, a monk-nun tile was laid. The tower also gained a new helmet, and this document was placed in the spire. Present were:
Dr. Augustyn Bludau, Bishop of Warmia
Dr. Bahrfeld, President of Königsberg
Dr. Spannenkrebs, Vicar General
Dr. Eischer, Starost of Lidzbark
Archbishop buchholz, President of the Society for the Reconstruction of the Castle
Schroeter, Mayor of Lidzbark
Lidzbark, 6 August 1928"
The time capsule was discovered during the work as part of the project "Conservation and restoration of the fourteenth-century castle in Lidzbark Warmiński – pearls of Gothic architecture in Poland - stage II".

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